Let’s start with a formal introduction

Hi, I’m Christie. A small town gal on the move. Ambivert, night owl, and lover of brews–both of the caffeinated and carbonated variety.

Creating art and making magic at events really lights my fire. I began working in the photography industry in 2014 as an assistant and second-shooter, and attended over 40 weddings in that capacity before starting my own business in 2019. I have also worked in even production and set building, making all the magic come to life.

I love being behind the scenes at events and weddings. I’m excited by how every event is totally unique and holds a million creative challenges and opportunities. I’ve worked hard to build an extensive foundation for myself as a knowledgeable event professional, and I can’t wait to put my skills to the test to create striking images at your next event.

I also really enjoy slowing it down for portrait sessions. I work best when you and I take a little walk together and move through the session. I always have a plan, but I like to see where wandering will take us. I like candid moments and guiding clients with prompts to evoke genuine emotions, but if your inner model wants attention, then by all means let’s strike a pose!

want to get personal? shucks, ok.

I was born and raised in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. I am a SIXTH generation Californian. Pretty sure I have gold dust and pine pollen in my DNA. The Sierra is my biggest source of inspiration, and will always have my heart. My husband and I hope to settle down back there after we are done roaming.

Speaking of whom, my husband Jonny is pretty neat. He’s in the Army, so we are committed to moving every three years until he gets bored of it. We have lived in Reno NV, Olympia WA, and are currently residing in Wahiawa HI (island of O’ahu). We eloped in 2016, but are planning a big fat party to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. September 2020 was our original plan, but, you know, global pandemic and such. So, if your wedding/event has been affected by COVID-19… HOMIE, I FEEL YOU. I’m gonna be an expert at helping clients plan around the chaos because I am doing the same thing for myself.

Why photography?

I am a fan of art in all forms. I have dabbled in just about everything from sculpture to sewing. I make stamps, paint, weld, collage and doodle. Photography is the only thing that I have consistently practiced for more than 15 years. After all this time, it still has my attention. I learn something new pretty much every time I have a camera in my hands, or when I’m squinting at Photoshop at 3 am.

I am visual learner and an observer. I love symmetry and lines. I’m a huge nerd about using the geometry and shadows of a space to create a frame. I like putting organic shapes into linear spaces. I am constantly taking note of the light in my environment and looking for creative reflections and plays of light and shadow.

On the professional end, working at weddings and events gets my insides feelin’ all sparkly. It’s the best challenge because I have to be creative on the fly. I love it when I can creep around and snap moments that no one else might have seen.

My favorite thing about portrait sessions is the moment when we become mutually vulnerable in the act of creating art. The awkwardness fades away, and for a while, we know each other intimately in the space between you and my lens. It’s pretty rad.

I want to hit the trail with you
(and so does my dog).

My long-term goal for this business is to blend my love of outdoor adventures with photographing events.

I am seeking couples who want to take a walk on the wild side for their engagement, wedding, or elopement. I want to find people who are not scared to put in some miles and get a bit dirty for the sake of celebrating their love story with an amazing day out in the wilderness.

I am a devoted lover and steward of trails, national parks, and public lands. I am experienced hiker, skier, and backpacker. I have the know-how and the gear to hit the trail with you for your special day, so LET’S DO IT!

Is this you? Let’s chat. Special pricing available for couples who want to get off the beaten path to say their vows.

Left photos by Kathleen Sheffer