I want to know my clients. I can best represent you and tell your story if I know a little bit about who you are. Likewise, you should know who I am and why I am doing photography for a living. So, let me give you a little more about who I am as an artist:

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada, and marveling at the images of my environment made by Ansel Adams inspired me to ask my parents for a camera as a young teen. Armed with a Canon point-and-shoot, I began taking photos of the plants and scenery around Lake Tahoe. It was an exciting new way to interact with and understand my environment.

At sixteen, I got my first dSLR, and I began to photograph people. I found it to be an exciting way to interact with a understand humans as well. I love the moment when someone becomes relaxed in front of my lens–I want to be in that vulnerable emotional space with you. It’s a conversation between us that often requires no words (which I love, because despite this lengthy introduction, I am actually pretty quiet).

I am an observer. I love symmetry and lines. I’m a huge nerd about using the geometry and shadows of a space to create a frame. I like putting organic shapes into those linear spaces. I am constantly taking note of the light in my environment and looking for creative reflections and plays of light and shadow.

I am a life-long lover of striking imagery. I tend to create images that are true to color but punch past reality with a high-contrast finish. I want my images to have deep shadows and crisp highlights.

I’m an empath. I feel the vibe of the room and seek to capture authentic moments and honest emotions. Yes, I will definitely cry at your wedding. It’s fine.

I pay attention to details and hate clutter. I will absolutely rearrange a bridal suite so that you won’t even know that 6 women brought their entire medicine cabinet into the room. And yes, I will tell you if you have something in your teeth, on your face, or in your tulle skirt… (confused? Two words: bug net.)

So, what’s my biggest strength–the reason you should hire me? I care. I care so much about this work that the fear of failing, or not living up to my own expectations used to paralyze me. Not anymore. Caring is my super power now. I care a lot about doing my best job every time I pick up my camera. I care about serving you and not just myself. I want us to work together to create amazing images that you will cherish forever, and that I will be proud of too.

Photo by Kathleen Sheffer Photography