COVID-19 Info

Here’s the nitty gritty: My books are open for scheduling outdoor portrait sessions and gatherings that abide by county and state guidelines. Indoor and studio sessions are dependent on if the space allows for social distancing. I am also open for scheduling for weddings and events in 2021/22 with the hope that we continue to safely reopen the country in 2021. I will continue to monitor the changing guidelines and adjust course appropriately.

What I am doing to protect you: I am vaccinated against COVID-19, and proud of it. As is everyone in my household. I will still arrive to our session with sanitized gear, clean hands, and a facial covering. I will try to schedule the shoot at a location and time of day where crowds are not an issue. I will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from clients whenever possible (thank you telephoto lens!) I will not provide props, and I will not request that clients touch anything, or go anywhere that they feel puts them at risk for contracting coronavirus. I will provide verbal cues and posing guidance, and will not position you with my hands. I will provide sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer for your use before, during, and after the photo shoot. And of course, I will be monitoring myself for symptoms and fever before every session and will reach out to reschedule if I feel that I may be sick.

What you can do to protect me: Check your temperature before you leave the house, and monitor for symptoms. Reach out to reschedule if you feel that you are sick. Show up to our photo shoot with clean hands and a face covering for moments when we are walking to a new location, etc. and you aren’t in front of the camera. Maintain a distance of 6 feet whenever possible. Please bring a backpack or purse to carry any belongings, PPE, or props that you choose to include. Normally I’d throw your things in my bag, but to avoid potential surface contamination, I request that you bring and carry your own bag.